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I'm pretty impressed dude. This is some good classic hard rock man. Love when it starts the long psychedelic solo with, what seems to me incorporate reversal notes as well. The beginning is just a little overwhelming with the volume of the artificial feedback. Maybe tone it down just a touch. I like the main riff a lot. When the other guitar comes in at 1:03 or :04 its nice how you put the touch of feeling on it with the lead. Then the breakdown occurs. This part was awesome. Best part in the song I must say. All I can see that's missing really is an inventive bass line and vocals with some good harmonies and " take to the soul " lyrics. Other than that. It's a good original song. 7/10 4/5

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Seitzy38 responds:

Thank you for reviewing. I see what you mean by the Feedback in the beginning, I did a somewhat slouchy job on that in this particular recording.

Must be nice having the computer do the work eh?

Wrong genre much? Not much for this kinda stuff. Not a whole lot of talent goes into it at least. But it's in beat. Kudos


Not bad for newgrounds. Could see this song in a good flash adventure game. A little repetitive, but it still sounds good. Maybe some more fills, drawn out to dramatize. Still not to bad. 7/10 4/5

I like the melody. Sad, yet still retains hope

I like this. I really do. Though i believe by breaking up the constant quarter note patterns in the beginning into a multitude of notes, and rests, could give it an even deeper feeling. 7/10 3/5, Sounds good, in time and i love that key.


So lately i have been playing alot of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Awesome game. I swear if they had this playing for any of the background music. I'd have creamed my pants for how awesome it is. Well done sir, this is professional quality. I can def. see this in a mainstream video game or Horror flick. Way to go. 9/10 4/5


You know. This almost sounds like british pop, back in the day of oasis. I will say though. The distortion is way to high. Turn the gain down a little. It almost drowns out everything else. I really like this though. With some good mixed falsetto vocals, this would be an awesome song. Also even a drum machine maybe. 8) 3/5 7/10

ya know

For techno, i gotta say. Though its not my bag. Its not bad. Everything sounds in time, the key is good. Im not really learned on techno, but the bass sounds a little too loud for me. Thats really my only point. Otherwise this would he a great song for the next puzzle game. Definatly. 8) 8/10 4/5


How the hell did this make it to weekly top five. Terrible in my eye. 2/10 1/5 for effort i suppose

InvisibleObserver responds:

Kind of odd that as someone who writes grunge, I would think you would be a little more open minded about other genres of audio when the one you write is exposed to frequent criticism itself.

Purely amazing

YOu have a wonderful voice and great choice of covers 8) 10/10 5/5

I like

Its just a little repetitve. But man the drums are sick. You have a great drummer there. Plus i like the groove/funk aspect you bring as well tot he song. Vocals would make this really really good as well. 7/10 4/5

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