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Loved ocrina. One of my fav 64 games. 10/10 5/5


i could see this in a pico toon or game. Nice build uo 6/10 3/5


Decent song. Timing is well for no drums. You have great internal rhythm. Kind of post our lady peace, smashing pumpkins song though. Little to soft for these days I believe. But keep playing please, would love to hear anything else you have. Maybe get some vocals over this though, would feel a little more complete. Wouldnt be to hard. 6/10 3/5

fizzypop2 responds:

Hah, yeah. We're (my band) working on this one. It's turned kinda punk towards the end. The softer part at the end of this version has been removed in the latest take due to the "energetic" replacement. We haven't gotten around to recording drums for the new version, but I'll hold onto it until we do. Hopefully, we'll find someone with a real voice and lay on some sappy lyrics to spice things up. :)

I like

I do agree, the kick sounds a little off. Other than that i like the vocal melody and the bland of contemp beat with celtic scales and flow. Very Unique, keep it up. 7/10 3/5. Though not a huge fan of the lyrics being a medical user lol.

tehpirateguy responds:

lol, I have to admit when I first saw your name I was sure this would be a scathing review. Ya, I'll have to fix that kick and some of the instruments, both of your reviews really helped and I'm glad you didnt pull the usual 0/5 no review crap, I support medical and legalizing btw, just like alcohol though it's how you use it.

Well Done.

If anything this reminds me of old Castlevania games. Love the dark inotation, suits it well. Someone should use this for like the next zombie shooter lol. Well done 7/10 3/5

Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks, mate; glad you liked it!


first off, seether has to be one of the gayest bands in the first place. So why even cover them, let alone change the style. 1/5 2/10 for effort. Least you got it to sound in time.


Talk about zep influence. I love it. Plus the vocals are so original. Both in sound and flow. Lots of 90's influence as well. Which of course gives me a huge boner lol. Keep up the work bud. Your good man.


You know i really dont like the whole black metal scene. But i agree you blend from many point of music. I love this. If your ever interested in laying some vocals down, let me know. Im also new to register to NG. Known about the site for ages now. Will be posting some of my stuff here soon. Need an encoder lol. Keep up the good work man. 10/10 5/5

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