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I like as well

Im not an expert on this kind of music or ne thing, But the V2 i do like better. The drums in this one... sound almost primal. Like jungle beat kind of. I would stick with V2

I gotta say

the lyric melody kinda sounds like Weird Al. Take off the effects you have, or use different ones maybe. 1/10 1/5

seatellite responds:

I guess you don't like Weird Al then..? xD


summary expalins.

Blizzaine responds:

What hardstyle doesn't sound the same? So cliche hardstyle would be hardstyle in general, thus your argument is invalid :)


I do lol

I really have a soft spot in my music for classical, celtic, blues and bluegrass. I like the song. Though it seems as if it needs somthing else. I would suggest maybe some precussion and a few fills from the piano. Kinda build it up a bit you know? other than that great song 8) 8/10 4/5

Lamplighter responds:

I was actually thinking about some percussion, but I didn't want to spoil the first half and the second half seemed to cluttered with percussion. I'm going to go back and edit this eventually, I think. Thanks for reviewin'!

Good Until

you started screaming inccoherent nonsense... 0/5 0/10

lunetico responds:

Why so Hatecore ?

could be better

Build up isnt bad, but throw some fills with the piano. Would make it perfect for lyrical melody. 3/5 5/10

insane12 responds:

Um ok... what version do you like beter though.


I would almost pust this in an alternative genre. Its not my bag, but it sounds good, and i like the lyrics. Very original. Maybe try opening up the vocals a little bit. They kind of stay in the same 6 notes. 7/10 3/5

Zodiax responds:

haha thanks, but unfortunately, my voice span isn't good enough to do that, anyway, thanks for the listen

I like

I gotta say. A little cliche, but it sounds good. Deffinatly post 90's. The drums are kinda post ghrol as well. I like it alot. As for the singer. I would colab if you want to give a whirl. Still waiting on my originals to get posted. They take forever eh? lol. But PM me if your interested. 8/10 4/5

XenoEuphoria responds:

Thanks! That was actually the sound we were going for... A kinda Lo-Fi, post grunge alternative... and I would love to hear your voice :P


0/5 0/10. Horrible.

demented2005 responds:

Awe, go get a sense of humour :)


When it comes to vidoe game songs/midi's. Go with the original. More likely to get used in a flash. Plus, it just brings you back to a better time lol

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