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Damn shaneze, been to long since I have come here... I absolutely love your music. Dude this is an amazing peice brother! As always, keep that shit up.

Dude. This was amazing. Coming from a huge alice fan, I loved the harmonies and the dissidence. It was very refreshing. The recording was awesome. The lyrics are fantastic with the melody reminding me a lot of Incubus.Top notch man. If you are into this kind of music you should check me out. I think you'd like what I do as well.

motakay responds:

Thanks man! Love Alice as well! I'll check out your songs! :D

I like the direction this takes you. For the Comment you left for the song, I completely agree man. You should check out some of my stuff. I'm sure you'd dig it.

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This is pretty good man. I'm enjoying it!

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Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Stay tuned. I'll be adding more stuff soon.

Never have I ever.

You never cease to amaze me sir. I love your vocals. Both in lyrical form and melody. They always take my breath away. You are the perfect mix of rasp and tune. I have bought your albums and can't wait for more! Also I agree with Counter, it does have a very STP Core mixed with Soundgarden Louder than Love sound for this song. I effing love it. 10'd and 5'd!

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ShanZE responds:

Thank you! I love STP and I consider Soundgarden the best band ever so I'm happy to get that :D I'll keep 'em coming!

Not to shabby sir

This tune is pretty good. Minus a few timing errors and the repetitive nature of the song. I would suggest maybe a few more inventive fills and possibly another riff, maybe a break down, to not make it seem 2-D if you get when I' m saying. I know how it can be though. All and all though pretty good ideas. 7'd and 4'd.

OotJ responds:

Thanks man... we should have a full song made out of this soon... this is just a scratch recording i pieced together out of a jam session.

Exactly what DareDevil said!

Dude. You are an amazing song writer. Don't ever quite. This is the closest I have heard as well. Very Dirty and grity, covered in acne all over and it's beautiful. 5'd and 10'd

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Gunshy responds:

thank you :) (blush)

Must agree with Seitzy

I'm exactly the same. Not a huge fan of metal but this sounds like old Slayer. Like the riffs and the steady chug. Very catchy.

OotJ responds:

we call it grunge metal... and thanx.

I love it.

You know Seitzy. I've been listening to this for some time now. Looking for the best way to describe this. This tiny little interlude is just amazing. I never though I could conjure so many conflicting feelings off of just one short collection of riffs. This is amazing man. I have been thinking about this for some time and I would also like your permission to use this progression and your assembly of notes to try and feed off. See what doesn't come about. This is laden with so much potential it's almost a waste to not see what can come of it. 10/10 5/5 man.

Very Nice

I love this song of yours man. Very Zeppelin influenced. The drums rocks. Its the best of the 70's with the best of the 90's. You have an amazing affluence for lyrics. I gotta say keep it up. You're starting to become one of my influence 8).

ShanZE responds:

Hey, awesome that you dig this! This acoustic version has a whole different atmosphere than the new version which I made. You should check out that one too though, it's electric all the way and that's more like the way I imagine playing this song live. It's at http://faggotsapiens.bandcamp.com/tra ck/sister

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